The Value Quest Bourse at 52nd October Salon

The title of this year salon is  “It’s Time We Got To Know Each Other”, curated by Galit Eilat and Alenka Gregorič. At the heart of this project is the question of how to generate responsibility? How can we respond in a responsible way, or how we can create a response, as cultural producers and consumers? The October Salon is the largest international exhibition of contemporary art in Belgrade, Serbia.

Urtica exhibits the installation Value Quest Bourse which includes three segments: The Value is Here (Vrednost je ovde), The Art In Liquidation (Umetnost u likvidaciji), The Indices of Fortune (Indeksi bogatstva).

The 52nd October Salon opened on October 20th and will last until December 3rd 2011. If you are near drop by, or go to and check what’s up at the Value Quest Bourse.

Info about exhibition at: 52 Oktobarski salon

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