2010 is running out, what’s coming up in 2011

Urtica held a workshop Kommunikation via Symbol in Ulm during September 2010. The workshop and ensuing exhibition were organised by Bundesverband Bildender Künstler (BBK) Ulm, with the support of Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA).

We had a great time with colleagues from Ulm, thanks to Vesna, Reiner, Gabriela, and the rest of BBK crew. It was also an opportunity to test our new collaborative platform HoopUp which is currently in production phase. The platform is focused on symbolic communication in virtual environment and it will be launched in 2011.

Here are few photos:

The Language

In UrticaZine we’ll use (WoldWide) English, although Serbian might pop up occasionally.

And to paraphrase one witty observation: there are few version of English: The British English which only a few people understand, The American English that quite a few people understand, and there is The WoldWide English that we ALL understand.

So, enjoy reading of UrticaZin despite to languageful aporias.

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